Zentation free

Basic features with social media tools.

Before Zentation, presenters had two choices for creating free online presentations on their own:

  • Upload video of the presentation to YouTube or Google Video
    (Where will you point the camera? At the presenter or the slides?)


  • Upload your PowerPoint slides to various slide or photo sharing sites
    (Will your audience understand or be engaged by a presentation with no video or audio?)

Zentation's proprietary technology solves that. Easily synchronize your video and PowerPoint slides together in a single presentation format. The Zentation player provides your audience with a simple outline of your presentation so they can access any part of it without having to wait for it to download completely. Viewers can even use the comment section to blog about your presentation.

Sharing a presentation is easy. We provide thumbnail image links and embed code for a simple flash player that can be integrated into your blog or website.

To utilize our system for free, upload your video to YouTube and then create a New Presentation in Zentation to synchronize your YouTube video with your PowerPoint slides.

Don't want to use YouTube? Take a look at our premium services.