Additional Services

Help beyond the Zentation tool itself.

Zentation is a product of MVP Collaborative. MVP has been named by Event Marketer as one of the top 100 event marketing agencies in the world. MVP also is one of the most award winning video agencies in the country. We can help you with other aspects of your meeting.

Videotaping Services

We can videotape your presentation for you and post it to YouTube or Zentation servers.

Video Encoding and Editing

Send us a videotape of your presentation in the mail and we'll convert it to a digital video file. If necessary, we can provide video editing services to insert additional video or remove segments from your video.

Synchronization Services

We also can watch your presentation and synchronize the graphics for you. After, you can review and make minor adjustments to the timings.

Secure Presentation Hosting

Don't want your presentation publicly shared? Take a look at our premium presentation capabilities. Also, we can offer customized solutions to provide additional layers of security, individual access, or limit access by IP address or domain names.

Audio/Visual Support

We also have 30 years of experience producing large and small business meetings and events for clients. Contact us for more information or visit

We can help in a variety of ways. Send us an email to and we'll follow up with specific recommendations and pricing to meet your needs.