Support and FAQ's

Learn more about the Zentation technology.

What is Zentation?

Zentation offers the richest media on the web for video and presentations. Zentation provides a way to synchronize video with your PowerPoint slides. Zentation's technology allows for the easy synchronization of your video and graphics without any technical knowledge.

How do I use the Zentation service (for free)?

  • Upload your video to YouTube.
  • Log into Zentation and create a new Account and "Add a New Presentation."
    • In the form, copy and paste the URL of your video from YouTube.
    • Then, upload your PowerPoint file.
    • Finally, you can use our ZenSync™ tool to provide precise start timings for each graphic in your presentation.

How much does it cost?

Zentation is FREE for publicly shared presentations. Fees for private presentations can be viewed when adding a new presentation. Premium/private presentations include a number of other features. See our Comparison Chart for more information.

How can I make my presentations private?

Like an unlisted phone number, you can create private presentations on Zentation. Sign up for an account for free and then add a presentation for package details.

What support do you currently offer?

For help with uploading video to YouTube, please see YouTube's support area. All support questions for Zentation will be handled via email. Please feel free to send us questions and issue reports to

I'd like to make suggestions on improvements to the site, how can I do that?

Your suggestions would be welcomed. Please email us at

What are Zentation's terms of use?

Please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information.